Django Settings Deployment

After a long research I have finally found a good solution to deploy Django settings into several stages, which is production, development and common shared settings. I have also found a good way to deploy Django overall, which I’ll be writing soon. Just to clarify, there is not standard way of deploying Django, however I think the method I put together is a very good way for deployment. Where should the settings be stored?

Installing Python From Source

Getting the Python release First we need to go to Python’s source download link at and choose our Python version, for this tutorial I have chosen Python 3.5.2 as it’s the latest stable release as of this writing. wget or directory specific: wget -P /tmp The above command will download python 3.5.2 Gzipped source tarball to the current directory I’m currently in /root, you can specify -P as specified above to save on that directory.